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Stay Strong, <3 

Hi, beautiful/Handsome.

Yes, you. You reading this. You’re beautiful/handsome, okay? You’re loved. And even if you don’t think people care about you, don’t care if you kill yourself, you’re wrong. Because I care. I care about you. Even if you don’t think someone loves you, you think no one could love you. I do. I love you. You might think you aren’t good enough. Well, you are. You’re good enough, you are loved, and someone does care. And that someone, is me. No matter what’s going on in your life, I’m here. I will listen, I won’t judge you, and I’ll be there for you. Even when you think no one else is. If you need anything, message me. It’ll stay between us. I promise.  You’re beautiful/handsome, you don’t need that “popular” boy or “hottest” girl in school to tell you that. Because no matter what people say, you’re beautiful/handsome. Don’t listen to them, it doesn’t make them any better. I need you to do one thing, just one. Even if you feel no one cares, they do. A lot of people do.  Stay strong, you’re here for a reason. And even if you feel like giving up, you can make it through. I’m struggling through self-harm at the moment, so I understand what it’s like to feel like no one loves you, like no one cares, like you aren’t good enough. I understand. Don’t kill yourself tonight. Make a list of reason to stay alive. Because we all have a place and a reason for being on this planet, we just need to figure that reason out. I love you, and I care. Don’t forget, I’m always here. My ask isalways open.

Need to talk?

I love you, Stay Strong.

*Yes, this is from my other account, lol*
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